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I'm excited.
I have started to work on my full game.
It will be 50 questions long. You will have 3 lives.
For this one, I'm collaberating with Fat-Footy (for some drawing help).
It is too early to really say anything important, but I assure you, this one will be epic!

Hoping you enjoy my final project,

My first game is done!

2010-02-11 17:42:31 by smartepantssponge

Hello everyone out there! How did you like the quiz? I spent quite a lot of work on it; at the beginning of the week, I had no idea how to program. I've come quite a long way.
I wonder whether someone will actually be able to complete the quiz...I've made it pretty difficult to do...
My thanks goes to everyone who has given me good comments.
Happy programming!